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The core weakness of electronic products, battery is the first. Whether a good products, we just need to see the battery and capacity. CHUWI VX8 3G Tablet PC, using the battery, from international top batteries manufacturers MBELL battery, it can effectively control the yield of the battery. 5000 mah super large capacity battery, the long battery life is more good. 22 nm the minimum power consumption CPU, which reduce the wastage of the power to the greatest extent.

1, International top-level MBELL battery cell

Battery cell, it is very important, as the battery core component, which is fundamental to measure the battery efficiency. Lithium battery negative news is more, currently on the market, most unreasonable battery cells course by process design, so most of them are using the international companies battery cell, with control of the fine products, it can solve the problem of the unqualified batteries.

CHUWI VX8 3G used from international top batteries supplier MBELL original custom battery cell, battery energy efficiency can be guaranteed. Cell types is lithium polymer batteries, it have high energy density, ultra-thin, lightweight, high security features.

2, 5000 mah capacity battery, battery life is more secure

In addition to the battery cell, battery capacity is one of the important indicators of battery life. The stronger the capacity, the greater battery life. CHUWI VX8 3G used 5000 mah capacity battery, in 8 inch tablet, it is very big, generally, 8 inch tablet battery capacity is around 4000 mah. Besides, according to each manufacturer for technical reasons, the capacity battery is not easy to contral, here involves technical ability. CHUWI VX8 3G Tablet PC, 5000 mah capacity, it can effectively prolong battery life.

3, 22 nm process, low power consumption

On the CPU technology, CHUWI VX8 3G is equipped with intelBaytrail - EntryZ3735G processor, using 22 nm process, power consumption control is more better.

22 nm process, X86 architecture, intelHDGraphics graphics, IPS screen, OGS touch screen, 1280 * 800 high resolution, 1GB memory, 16GB storage, it is also built-in front 2.0 megapixle and rear 5.0 megapixel camera, GPS chip, international companies MBELL battery cell, 5000 mah battery capacity, double AAC cavity, audio broadcast is more attractive.

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#tbt: Hollywood by Marina and the Diamonds

Never one to shy away from snark and sarcasm, Marina gives us a lot to think about with “Hollywood,” which she usually performs live with a giant plush hamburger. In an interview, she stated “Hollywood infected my brain and I really valued the wrong things in life, but I changed dramatically… This obsession with celebrity culture is really unhealthy.” What she brings to the dancefloor is a party anthem with a cotton candy voice that hides a very sharp and poignant jab at celebrity culture. Marina constantly reminds us to check our values and what we’re investing our time in, making sure we don’t get too “obsessed with the mess of America.”

Her acoustic version is nothing short of amazing either.

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Onda V975W is a very excellent Windows8.1 tablets, it is equipped with the same with ipad Air 9.7 -inch 2048 x1536 screen, display effect is outstanding, now, this tablet is in stock At SpeMall, and its price is only USD249.99. V975W adopts 64 bit Intel quad-core CPU + 2GB RAM memory combinations, besdies, it is also built-in front 2.0 megapixel and rear 5.0 megapixel dual cameras, performance is mainstream.

Onda V975W measurements is 242 * 171 * 8.5 mm, weighing is about 504 g, carrying is not trouble everyday, front panel used white toughened glass panel, rear panel is grey metal, which help to heat dissipation, it is also equipped with a 9.7 -inch IPS capacitive screen, resolution is up to 2048 x1536 screen, display effect is very good, around the fuselage designed the power key, TF card expansion slot, volume + and -/return, microusb, 3.5 mm headphone jack, reset button and charging hole, this design is good for the whole machine beauty!

Onda V975W carry desktop level Windows8.1 operating system, it can install PC software, it also can pre-installed OFFICE suites, which is convenient for you to do the  WORD, EXCEL and PPT and so on OFFICE documents, using the Intel Baytrail-T 3735 d quad-core processors, based on X86 architecture and 22 nm process, it integrated Intel HD Graphics GPU, performance have significantly improvement than the previous generation, the memory configuration is 2GB RAM+32GB ROM, it support microsd card expanding, besides, it also is built-in front 2.0 megapixel and rear 5.0 megapixel double camera, before support 4k level video recording, it can directly play 1080 p video, multimedia is doing well.

This tablet pre-loaded with Microsoft Office 2013, Outlook and other Office applications, support OTG line external mouse, keyboard, mobile hard disk, and bluetooth keyboard base, it can change to laptop computers, built-in dual-band WIFI module, data support bluetooth4.0, WIFI, and USB2.0, the standard 7500 mah lithium-ion batteries, battery life is excellent.

Onda V975W Quad Core is equipped with a 9.7 -inch retina screen, carrying Win8.1 system, using 64 bit Intel quad-core + 2GB memory combinations, it is a very powerful Windows tablet.

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SmartQ Z1 smart watch, is a new type of electronic products, it will change your life from every aspect. It used a 1.54 -inch LG color display, its resolution is 240 x 240, display effect is good. Dial faces is aggrandizement glass capacitive touch screen, touch screen is sensitive, supports multi-touch, workmanship is cabinet and delicate, strap used plastic material, standard back cover with non-slip pattern, which have prevent slippery effect. All operation depend on two entities button to complete, all the other operations are relying on touch or voice operation. Fuselage have a 3.5 mm triad interface, it can complete the function of the data transmission, charging, external headset, don’t need the extra charge base is also one of the advantages of Z Watch.

SmartQ Z1 is carrying the Google Android systems, and it have the same interface with Android phones, users can easily get started, click on the watch screen slide up and down or so four operation can be completed. Z Watch can synchronize your smart phone via bluetooth, it is able to complete real-time synchronization, message vibration to remind function, as long as the complete connection, watches can automatically access to all information in the mobile phone, when received a new message, Z Watch screen will pop-up prompts, click to enter message list view, that is, move all the communication function on the cell phone to SmartQ Z1, then it finished.

This smart watch used a high performance, high integration, low power consumption processor chips, in standby, performance is outstanding, it only need a LED energy consumption in the runtime, the service life of the battery and the stability of Smart Watch has been doubled. In achieving high performance, at the same time, it more highlights the advantages of low power consumption, Z Watch standby time can be up to 12.5 days, the wearable device have long battery life guarantee. Finally, I had to mention that SmartQ Z1 also has new waterproof function, the protection grade reaches IPX7. That means SmartQ Z1 can be in one meter depth long soak for 30 minutes, it still can run normally without being damaged.

Smart watches as a most fresh and fashion in the digital era wearable devices, it is not just a ordinary watch, it is a function as a new era of smart phones digital stronger, in only 1.54 inch screen, the new way of human-computer interaction brings brand-new experience to the users.

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ZTE Nubia Z7 mini used colorful design, it have white, yellow, pink, blue, green five types, which sufficient to meet the personalized needs of consumers. Z7 mini thickness is only 8.2 mm, the fuselage weight is about 143 g, carrying is more convenient. Z7 mini screen visible area is 5 inch, using the Sharp CGS technology, screen resolution is 1920 x 1080 pixels, screen pixel density is 440 ppi, display effect is outstanding, it is in the leading level at the same level phone.

Nubia Z7 mini adopting the newest IMX214 5.0 megapixel front-facing camera and the second generation 13.0 million pixels rear CMOS camera combination, front-facing camera support AF and other functions, taking pictures effect is good. The rear camera produced by SONY, which have F2.0 large aperture, 5P independent lens and blue glass composite IR filter, built-in new NeoVision4.0 photo technology.

Z7 mini is equipped with  as high as 2300 mah capacity battery, the built-in power saving mode, it achieved close to 2 days of standby time. Nubia Z7 mini carry Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 quad-core processors, frequency is 2.0 GHz, with 2GB RAM and 16GB ROM, it support Micro SD card or TF card extension, the highest up to 64GB, graphics processor is industry leading Andreno 330, overall performance to ensure that large games have good effect smoothly.

Z7 mini have TD-LTE and FDD-LTE 4G network adaptability, it has realized the full coverage of mainstream mobile communication network systems, it also support double card double stay. In the aspect of software configuration, Nubia Z7 mini pre-installed based on the Android 4.3 version Nubia UI 2.5, style tend to be Flat.

As a low-cost high configuration mobile phones, Nubia Z7 mini has high standard configuration in the same price model, the overall performance has a certain advantage in the same price mobile phone. In addition to the outstanding quality, but it also has rich shooting functionality and strong operational performance, ZTE Nubia Z7 mini Smartphone is a good machine for consumer choice.

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You may have already gathered from following the museum’s Twitter (and perhaps from following #CIVTrip2014) that the African art office recently returned from a 3-week trip to Côte d’Ivoire in West Africa. Joined by colleagues from the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Africa Center, as well as Roger Arnold curatorial assistant, our small research group traveled across the country for a short, in-depth exposure to the major art producing groups in Côte d’Ivoire. We began by exploring the contemporary art scene in Abidjan and continued the trip with extended visits to different cultural and geographic regions across the country. We had the opportunity to meet with sculptors, weavers, and bronze-casters, to witness dynamic masquerade performances, and to visit cities and villages with a fascinating range of historical architecture.

Côte d’Ivoire is the point of origin for a range of works in the museum’s collection. In four posts over the course of the next few weeks, Roger and I will share some of the ways in which our Côte d’Ivoire trip revealed surprising and exciting connections to works in the collection. In the meantime, you can find a selection of images, video, and observations collected from the trip on Twitter.

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Recently, Ramos launched the latest tablet - Ramos K6, carrying Actions ATM7039 quad-core processors, this processor has excellent power consumption performance, in addition, it also used 1920 x 1200 ultrahigh resolution screen, and the thickness of 8.8 mm is excellent, and its price is only USD177.99, its highlight is abvious.

K6 positive is very concise, only a 8.9 -inch 1200 p HD screen and a 0.3 megapixel camera, no light sensors, distance sensors and any buttons will destroying the fuselage  power consumption. I also have to mention that K6 screen proportion is very big, and the design of the narrow bezel is full of fashionable feeling. The screen resolution is as high as 1920 X 1200, and shows effect is absolutely first-class, overall performance is very good.

This machine fuselage back inherited the concise style of the K6, only Ramos logo and a camera, there have not other text and device. In addition, the back shell is using aluminum alloy material, after the fine grinding of grind arenaceous, simple sense is very good, it also can prevent the fingerprint on the fuselage. Airframe corners design is rounded, the lines is smooth. This tablet back right corner has a 2.0 megapixel camera, shooting effect is also good.

K6 interface have MicroUSB, MicroHDMI, 3.5 mm headphone jack. Interface layout is reasonable. And K6 keys inside on the screen, only the power button  and volume button above the screen. The side have not any button, buttons is sensitive, feedback is good!

Ramos K6 adopted Actions the latest ATM7039 quad-core processors, the dominant frequency is up to 1.5 GHz, product performance increased 20% than before, which make the overall performance of K6 is variable. ATM7039 quad-core processor performance not only have large improvement, and Cortex-A9R 4 architecture quad-core CPU also have intelligence backlight control system, integration chip design, DVFS dynamic frequency modulation technology, lower power consumption further enhance the overall efficiency of K6, it have super long battery life.

Ramos K6 Tablet PC appearance design is very elegant, rounded corner radian design more fit the shape of the hand, it is very accord with human body engineering, and touch feeling is more comfortable, and it also used the Actions ATM7039 quad-core processors, not only performance is very strong, but it also achieved perfection in terms of power consumption control.

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Another way to present the 9 types of intelligence as exemplified by my How Do We Measure Intelligence post.

The basic idea is that different people are good at different things. These 9 probably don’t cover the wide range of smarts we all possess, but it’s a start.

As Albert Einstein said, ”Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.”

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